Offscreen Mag

Orders screen Order details modal Settings screen

Mission Brief

Work with Kai Brach to develop a custom built order management system to streamline order processing for his newly started print magazine Offscreen.

Kai’s screen designs will become the specification and starting point for how the system should work.


  • Automatically capture incoming order details and order updates through the PayPal IPN interface
  • Automatically send out an invoice email and process order items according to configurable shipping rules
  • Automatically add order email addresses to a Campaign Monitor mailing list
  • Export out available shipping items to a CSV file that can be sent to the shipping company
  • Allow order details and items to be manually added and updated
  • Real-time stats and stock level tracking
  • Provide an API to be able to integrate with the Offscreen website
  • Develop a custom made secure checkout and order status page that allows readers to update their shipping address


System architect and developer including database design, programming, system setup and support.

Screens designed and built by Kai Brach.


The first Offscreen order management system went live in May 2012 and was a core part of processing and managing all the orders for Offscreen magazine up until March 2017 when it was retired after v2 of the order management system went live.